TitleSubjectDelivered ByCentral PassageTypeDate
The Appointing of the ApostlesThe Christian Evangelist-Week 7Pastor Matt GoodsellMark 3:13-19Sunday,
September 23, 2018
Who is in the Crowd and Why?The Christian Evangelist-Week 6Pastor Matt GoodsellMark 3:7-12Sunday,
September 16, 2018
Victory Through Hardship by FaithHealingPastor Matt GoodsellLuke 6:6-11Sunday,
September 9, 2018
Who is Lord of the Sabbath?The Christian Evangelist-Week 4Pastor Matt GoodsellMark 2:18-28Sunday,
April 29, 2018
Answering the Call on Your LifeThe Christian Evangelist-Week 1Pastor Matt GoodsellMark 1:1-20Sunday,
April 8, 2018
No Soap RequiredBaptismPastor Matt Goodsell1 Peter 3:13-22Sunday,
March 11, 2018
Watch Your StepObedient LivingPastor Matt GoodsellProverbs 16:1-25Sunday,
March 4, 2018
Gravitational Pull of JesusSalvationPastor Matt GoodsellColossians 1:15-23Sunday,
February 25, 2018
Reasons For Loving One AnotherLovePastor Matt Goodsell1 Peter 4:8Sunday,
February 18, 2018
Have You Crossed Over?EvangelismPastor Matt GoodsellJohn 5:16-30Sunday,
February 4, 2018
No Rules, Just GraceGracePastor Matt GoodsellMark 7:1-23 & Romans 7:21-25Sunday,
January 21, 2018
Do You Think You Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty?LEADPastor Matt GoodsellVarious ScripturesTuesday,
January 16, 2018
Rekindling the RelationshipEncouragementPastor Matt GoodsellHebrews 4:14-16Sunday,
December 31, 2017
Why Celebrate ChristmasChristmas 2017Pastor Matt GoodsellIsaiah 9:6-7 & Matthew 1:21-23Sunday,
December 10, 2017
The Power, Protection, Power and Provision of Almighty GodEncouragementPastor Matt GoodsellVarious ScripturesSunday,
December 3, 2017
An Attitude of GratitudeThanksgivingPastor Matt GoodsellVarious ScripturesMonday,
November 27, 2017
You Are BelovedLovePastor Matt GoodsellVarious ScripturesSunday,
November 19, 2017
Are You a Hellfighter?EvangelismPastor Matt GoodsellJude 17-25Sunday,
November 5, 2017
Do You Have a Secret Identity?EncouragementPastor Matt GoodsellI John 5:1-15Sunday,
October 29, 2017
Heeding the Call to HloinessEncouragement Pastor Matt GoodsellHebrews 12:14-29Sunday,
October 22, 2017
Life is Short, Follow with PurposePurposePastor Matt GoodsellMark 1:14-20 & Luke 9:57-62Sunday,
October 8, 2017
Sand Castles Do Not Stand the Test of TimeTruthPastor Matt GoodsellMatthew 7:24-29Sunday,
October 1, 2017
The Christian Confession is ALL JESUSEvangelismPastor Matt GoodsellVarious ScripturesSunday,
September 24, 2017
The Battle of the SexesUnityPastor Matt GoodsellVarious ScripturesSunday,
September 17, 2017
Can't Miss SundayEncouragement in the BodyPastor Matt GoodsellVarious ScripturesSunday,
September 10, 2017
What Does a Solar Eclipse Reveal?Solar Eclipse 2017Pastor Matt GoodsellVarious ScripturesSunday,
August 20, 2017
Shock & Awe Giving Part 1Pastor Matt GoodsellActs 4:32-5:11Sunday,
July 23, 2017
Shock & Awe GivingPart 2Pastor Matt GoodsellActs 4:32-5:11Sunday,
July 23, 2017
You Can't Out-Give GodGivingPastor Matt Goodsell2 Corinthians 9:6-15Sunday,
July 16, 2017
Paid in FullEncouragmentPastor Matt GoodsellJohn 11:17-35Sunday,
July 2, 2017
Set Apart for GreatnessEncouragementPastor Matt GoodsellActs 13:1-12Sunday,
June 25, 2017
Father's Day MessageFather's DayPastor Matt GoodsellMatthew 6:5-13Sunday,
June 18, 2017
Honoring Mothers - Frontline SoldiersMother's DayPastor Matt Goodsell2 Timothy 1:1-6Sunday,
May 14, 2017
It's TimeEncouragement & RevivalPastor Matt GoodsellActs 1:1-11Sunday,
April 23, 2017
Why is the World so Weedy?EncouragementPastor Matt GoodsellMatthew 13:24-30, 36-43Sunday,
February 19, 2017
Why Am I Here?EnouragementPastor Matt GoodsellGenesis 1:27Sunday,
February 12, 2017
A Christian's Moral Spiritual Battle Amid Cultural ChaosHolinessPastor Matt GoodsellDeuteronomy 14;1-3Sunday,
February 5, 2017
The Meaning of LifeJesus is the Meaning of LifePastor Matt GoodsellEcclesiastes 12:13 Monday,
January 30, 2017
I'll Be BackThe Second ComingPastor Matt GoodsellJohn 14:3Sunday,
January 22, 2017
A New Beginning and a Fresh StartThe Grace of GodPastor Matt GoodsellIsaiah 43:14-28Sunday,
January 1, 2017
Away in a MangerChristmas 2016 Part 3Pastor Matt GoodsellLuke 2:1-20Sunday,
December 25, 2016
Promised and ProphesiedChristmas 2016 Part 2Pastor Matt GoodsellLuke 1:67-79Sunday,
December 11, 2016
The Encounter that Altered the Future of HumanityChristmas 2016 Part 1Pastor Matt GoodsellLuke 1:26-38Sunday,
December 4, 2016
An Attitude of GratitudeThanksgivingPastor Matt GoodsellLuke 17:11-19Sunday,
November 27, 2016
Thanksgiving - An Attitude of GraceThanksgivingPastor Matt GoodsellVarious ScripturesSunday,
November 20, 2016
Will You Vote Biblical Truth?Election IssuesPastor Matt GoodsellVarious ScripturesSunday,
November 6, 2016
I Have a DreamDreams and VisionsPastor Matt GoodsellActs 2:17-24Sunday,
October 30, 2016
How Bright is Your Beam?Seven Questions Jesus Would Ask His ChurchPastor Matt GoodsellVarious ScripturesSunday,
October 23, 2016
Radical RepentancePastor Matt GoodsellActs 17:22-34Sunday,
October 16, 2016
For Your Eyes OnlyGloryPastor Matt Goodsell1 Corinthians 2:1-10Sunday,
October 9, 2016
Serving with a SmileServicePastor Matt GoodsellActs 6:1-10Sunday,
October 2, 2016
Motivated by Love & CompassionMotivationPastor Matt GoodsellMatthew 9:35-38Sunday,
September 11, 2016
Free Eternal Life InsuranceSalvationPastor Matt GoodsellRevelation 5:1-13Tuesday,
September 6, 2016
A Nude Dude in a Rude MoodDemonic Possession and OppressionPastor Matt GoodsellLuke 8:26-39Sunday,
August 28, 2016
Jocular JusticeEvangelismPastor Matt GoodsellRevelation 21:1-8Sunday,
August 21, 2016
He's Got the Whole World in His HandsThe Sovereignty of God Pastor Matt GoodsellPsalm 135:1-21Sunday,
August 14, 2016
It's Sunday but Monday's ComingEncouragementPastor Matt GoodsellColossians 3:1-4Sunday,
August 7, 2016
God's Love is SupremeEnouragementPastor Matt GoodsellDeuteronomy 7:1-9, 17-26Sunday,
July 31, 2016
I Pledge Allegiance to the LambCitizens of HeavenPastor Matt GoodsellPsalm 33:10-22Sunday,
July 3, 2016
Destined 4 Greatness, Bound 4 GloryEncouragementPastor Matt GoodsellJeremiah 29:11N/ASunday,
June 26, 2016
Wise Jesus Freaks Boast in the LordDiscipleshipPastor Matt Goodsell1 Corinthians 1:17-31Sunday,
June 19, 2016
It's a Wonderful LifeTop Ten Movie TitlesPastor Matt GoodsellLuke 18:9-14Sunday,
June 12, 2016
Braveheart"Top Ten Movie Titles"Pastor Matt GoodsellVarious ScripturesSunday,
June 5, 2016
The Sound of MusicTop Ten Movie TitlesPastor Matt GoodsellPsalm 138Sunday,
May 29, 2016
The PatriotTop Ten Movie TitlesPastor Matt GoodsellPsalm 57Monday,
May 23, 2016
Star WarsTop Ten Movie TitlesPastor Matt GoodsellVarious ScripturesSunday,
May 15, 2016
Saving Private RyanTop Ten Movie TitlesPastor Matt GoodsellVarious ScripturesSunday,
May 8, 2016
Close Encounters of the Third KindTop Ten Movie TitlesPastor Matt GoodsellVarious ScripturesSunday,
May 1, 2016
The Good, the Bad and the UglyTop Ten Movie TitlesPastor Matt GoodsellVarious ScripturesSunday,
April 24, 2016
Raiders of the Lost ArkTop Ten Movie TitlesPastor Matt Goodsell1 SamuelSunday,
April 17, 2016
The Great EscapeTop Ten Movie TitlesPastor Matt GoodsellDaniel 3:1-30Sunday,
April 10, 2016
Perilous PersecutionPersecutionPastor Matt Goodsell2 Thessalonians 3:1-18Sunday,
April 3, 2016
Jesus LivesResurrection SundayPastor Matt GoodsellLuke 24:1-35Sunday,
March 27, 2016
A New Hope and FutureSonrise ServicePastor Matt GoodsellJohn 20:24-31Sunday,
March 27, 2016
"The Court of Public Opinion" - Part 3The Path to Salvation is Marked with BloodPastor Matt GoodsellLuke 22:63-23:25Sunday,
March 20, 2016
"Arrested and Betrayed" - Part 2The Path to Salvation is Marked with BloodPastor Matt GoodsellLuke 22:47-62Sunday,
March 13, 2016
"Marked with Blood" - Part 1The Path to Salvation is Marked with BloodPastor Matt GoodsellLuke 23:39-46Sunday,
March 6, 2016
The X-Z of the A-Z of ChristianityThe Christian Walk - Part 14Pastor Matt GoodsellVarious ScripturesSunday,
February 28, 2016
"Be Wise" - The A-Z of ChristianityThe Christian Walk - Part 13Pastor Matt GoodsellVarious ScripturesSunday,
February 21, 2016
"Be Victorious" - the A-Z of ChristianityThe Christian Walk - Part 12Pastor Matt GoodsellVarious ScripturesSunday,
February 7, 2016
The S-U of the A-Z of ChristianityThe Christian Walk - Part 11Pastor Matt GoodsellVarious ScripturesSunday,
January 31, 2016
Created for GreatnessSanctity of Human Life SundayPastor Matt GoodsellPsalm 139:13-16Sunday,
January 17, 2016
The PowerChristmas Series Part 3Pastor Matt GoodsellLuke 2:8-18Sunday,
December 27, 2015
Thanksgiving is in My HeartThanksgivingPastor Matt GoodsellVarious ScripturesSunday,
November 29, 2015
The K-M of the A-Z of ChristianityThe Christian Walk - Part 7Pastor Matt GoodsellVarious ScripturesSunday,
November 22, 2015
The J of the A-Z of ChristianityThe Christian Walk - Part 6Pastor Matt GoodsellVarious ScripturesSunday,
November 8, 2015
The G-I of the A-Z of ChristianityThe Christian Walk - Part 5Pastor Matt GoodsellVarious ScripturesSunday,
November 1, 2015
F-G of the A-Z of ChristianityThe Christian Walk - Part 4Pastor Matt GoodsellVarious ScripturesSunday,
October 25, 2015
D-E of the A-Z of ChristianityThe Christian Walk - Part 3Pastor Matt GoodsellVarious ScripturesSunday,
October 18, 2015
C-D of the A-Z of ChristianityThe Christian Walk - Part 2Pastor Matt GoodsellVarious ScripturesSunday,
October 11, 2015
A-B of the A-Z of ChristianityThe Christian WalkPastor Matt GoodsellVarious ScripturesSunday,
October 4, 2015
The Great Rebellion is LawlessnessThe Second ComingPastor Matt Goodsell2 Thessalonians 2:1-16Sunday,
September 27, 2015
Solutions for the Worry WartWorryPastor Matt GoodsellMatthew 6:25-34Sunday,
September 20, 2015
Heart of WorshipWorshipPastor Matt Goodsell1 Chronicles 16:23-31Sunday,
September 13, 2015
In Christ AloneEncouragementPastor Matt Goodsell1 Corinthians 1:1-10Sunday,
September 6, 2015
Winners are GrinnersEncouragementPastor Matt GoodsellPsalm 37:1-24Sunday,
August 30, 2015
For This I Have JesusComfort & EncouragementPastor Matt GoodsellJohn 14:27Sunday,
August 16, 2015
Adios Amigos - I'll Be BackFarewell InstructionsPastor Matt GoodsellColossians 4:2-6Sunday,
August 2, 2015
Lost and FoundSalvationPastor Matt GoodsellLuke 15:1-24Sunday,
July 26, 2015
How To Make Every Day CountPurposePastor Matt GoodsellPsalm 90Sunday,
July 19, 2015
Hope for the HereticHope In Christ AlonePastor Matt GoodsellMatthew 15:1-20Sunday,
July 12, 2015
Love the Lost According to TruthHomosexualityPastor Matt GoodsellRomans 1:18-32 & 1 Corinthians 6:9-11Sunday,
July 5, 2015
Modeling FatherhoodFather's DayPastor Matt GoodsellEphesians 5:1-2Sunday,
June 21, 2015
Kingdom KineticsThe KingdomPastor Matt GoodsellMatthew 13:44-52Sunday,
June 14, 2015
Rest, Restore and ReplenishRestPastor Matt GoodsellMatthew 11:25-30Sunday,
June 7, 2015
Wisdom in a Wicked WorldWisdomPastor Matt Goodsell2 Chronicles 1:7-12 & James 1:5-8Sunday,
May 31, 2015
Living Water for a Thirsty SoulSalvationPastor Matt GoodsellJohn 4:1-26Sunday,
May 24, 2015
Blessed in the BattlefieldBlessed through ServicePastor Matt GoodsellDeuteronomy 20:1-4 & Acts 20:17-27Sunday,
May 17, 2015
Testifying GraceThe Grace of GodPastor Matt GoodsellTitus 2:11-3:7Sunday,
May 10, 2015
The Littlest Heaven SeekersChild-Like FaithPastor Matt GoodsellMark 10:13-16Sunday,
May 3, 2015
Living in VictoryVictorious LivingPastor Matt Goodsell1 John 5:1-5Sunday,
April 26, 2015
In Step with the SpiritThe Holy SpiritPastor Matt GoodsellGalatians 5:13-26Sunday,
April 19, 2015
Resurrection Sunday - "Rags to Riches"Resurrection SundayPastor Matt GoodsellJohn 19:16-30, 38-42 & Luke 24:1-12Sunday,
April 5, 2015
In the Footsteps of the Savior Part 2 - "The Court of Public Opinion"WitnessingPastor Matt GoodsellJohn 18:28-19:15Sunday,
March 29, 2015
The Prayer GardenPrayerPastor Matt GoodsellMatthew 26:36-46Sunday,
March 22, 2015
Heavy Weights of the faith - "The Known & Unknown Faithful"FaithPastor Matt GoodsellHebrews 11:31-12:2Sunday,
March 15, 2015
Heavy Weights of the Faith - "Got Flip Flops?"FaithPastor Matt GoodsellHebrews 11:29-30Sunday,
March 8, 2015
Heavy Weights of the Faith - "Moses the Reluctant Servant"FaithPastor Matt GoodsellHebrews 11:23-28Sunday,
February 22, 2015
Heavy Weights of the Faith - Part 6 "Generational Blessing"FaithPastor Matt GoodsellHebrews 11:20-22Sunday,
February 15, 2015
Heavy Weights of the Faith - "Abraham the Promise Keeper"FaithPastor Matt GoodsellHebrews 11:8-19Sunday,
February 8, 2015
Heavy Weights of the Faith - Part 1 "The Focus of Faith"FaithPastor Matt GoodsellHebrews 11:1-3Sunday,
January 4, 2015
A New Year but the Same MessageTruthPastor Matt GoodsellHebrews 13:1-16Sunday,
December 28, 2014
"Four Truths to Remember this Christmas"ChristmasPastor Matt GoodsellLuke 2:10,14 & Matthew 1:21,23Sunday,
December 21, 2014
Post Revival and the Healing ContinuesEncouragement & RevivalPastor Matt GoodsellActs 3:1-10Sunday,
December 14, 2014
Thanksgiving All Year RoundThanksgivingPastor Matt GoodsellPsalm 95Sunday,
November 30, 2014
Preparing for RevivalRevivalPastor Matt GoodsellSunday,
November 23, 2014
Camouflage Christianity?EvangelsimPastor Matt GoodsellRomans 1:16Sunday,
November 9, 2014
"Grace, It's More Than a Prayer at Meal Time"The Grace of GodPastor Matt GoodsellRomans 5:1-11Sunday,
October 26, 2014
Taking a Leap of FaithFaithPastor Matt GoodsellSunday,
October 19, 2014
Sowing in Unity for a Bonza HarvestGivingPastor Matt Goodsell2 Corinthians 9:6-15Sunday,
October 12, 2014
Praise Him Like You Mean ItPraisePastor Matt GoodsellPsalm 145:1-21Sunday,
October 5, 2014
Love Rocks Our WorldLovePastor Matt GoodsellRomans 13:8-12Sunday,
September 28, 2014
Glory in Jars of ClayThe Glory of GodPastor Matt Goodsell2 Corinthians 3:6-4:7Sunday,
September 21, 2014
Clothes That Make the ChristianHoly LivingPastor Matt GoodsellColossians 3:1-17Sunday,
September 14, 2014
Mission in the MarketplaceEvangelismPastor Matt GoodsellActs 16:13-34Sunday,
August 31, 2014
A Season of WonderThe Works of GodPastor Matt GoodsellVarious ScripturesSunday,
August 10, 2014
A Season of EncouragementEncouragement & RevivalPastor Matt GoodsellColossians 2:1-15Sunday,
August 3, 2014
Are You a Child of the King?SalvationPastor Matt GoodsellMark 10:13-16Sunday,
July 27, 2014
Keeping the Passion Alive Through AdversityPassionPastor Matt GoodsellJeremiah 20:1-18Sunday,
July 13, 2014
I'm Free to do What God Wants!FreedomPastor Matt GoodsellVarious Scriptures in GenesisSunday,
July 6, 2014
Finishing the Race With FaithEndurancePastor Matt Goodsell2 Timothy 4:1-8Sunday,
June 29, 2014
On Your Mark ChristianEndurancePastor Matt Goodsell2 Timothy 3:1-17Sunday,
June 22, 2014
A Second Chance CrossingPromised Land - Part 2Pastor Matt GoodsellJoshua 3-4Sunday,
June 1, 2014
Who's Afraid of WhoPromised Land - Part 1Pastor Matt GoodsellJoshua 2:1-24Sunday,
May 25, 2014
Always on MissionMissionsPastor Matt GoodsellPhilippians 4:1-9Sunday,
May 4, 2014
Hope Beyond the GraveResurrection SundayPastor Matt GoodsellLuke 23:44-24:12, 24:36-51Sunday,
April 20, 2014
Palm Sunday or Lamb Selection Day?Palm SundayPastor Matt GoodsellMatthew 21:1-11Sunday,
April 13, 2014

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